Logger Plugin


$ composer require php-http/logger-plugin


The LoggerPlugin converts requests, responses and exceptions to strings and logs them with a PSR3 compliant logger:

use Http\Discovery\HttpClientDiscovery;
use Http\Client\Common\PluginClient;
use Http\Client\Common\Plugin\LoggerPlugin;
use Monolog\Logger;

$loggerPlugin = new LoggerPlugin(new Logger('http'));

$pluginClient = new PluginClient(

The log level for exceptions is error, the request and responses without exceptions are logged at level info. Request and response/errors can be correlated by looking at the uid of the log context. If you don’t want to normally log requests, you can set the logger to normally only log error but use the Fingerscrossed logger of Monolog to also log the request in case an exception is encountered.

By default it uses Http\Message\Formatter\SimpleFormatter to format the request or the response into a string. You can use any formatter implementing the Http\Message\Formatter interface:

$formatter = new \My\Formatter\Implementation();

$loggerPlugin = new LoggerPlugin(new Logger('http'), $formatter);