Content-Type Plugin

The ContentTypePlugin sets the correct Content-Type header value based on the content of the body stream of the request. This helps HTTP servers to handle the request:

use Http\Discovery\HttpClientDiscovery;
use Http\Client\Common\PluginClient;
use Http\Client\Common\Plugin\ContentTypePlugin;

$contentTypePlugin = new ContentTypePlugin();

$pluginClient = new PluginClient(

For now, the plugin can only detect JSON or XML content. If the content of the stream can not be determined, the plugin does nothing.


skip_detection: boolean (default: false)

When set to true, content type detection will be performed only if the body request content size is under the size_limit parameter value.

size_limit: int (default: a little bit over 15Mb)

Determine the size stream limit for which the detection as to be skipped if skip_detection is true.