Building the Documentation

We build the documentation with Sphinx. You could install it on your system or use Docker.

Install Sphinx

Install on Local Machine

The installation for Sphinx differs between system. See Sphinx installation page for details. When Sphinx is installed you need to install enchant (e.g. sudo apt-get install enchant).

Using Docker

If you are using docker. Run the following commands from the repository root.

$ docker run --rm -t -v "$PWD":/doc webplates/readthedocs build
$ docker run --rm -t -v "$PWD":/doc webplates/readthedocs check

Alternatively you can run the make commands as well:

$ docker run --rm -t -v "$PWD":/doc webplates/readthedocs make html
$ docker run --rm -t -v "$PWD":/doc webplates/readthedocs make spelling

To automatically rebuild the documentation upon change run:

$ docker run --rm -t -v "$PWD":/doc webplates/readthedocs watch

For more details see the readthedocs image documentation.

Build Documentation

Before building the documentation make sure to install all requirements.

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

To build the docs:

$ make html
$ make spelling