If you’re here, you would like to contribute to this project and you’re really welcome!

Bug Reports

If you find a bug or a documentation issue, please report it or even better: fix it :). If you report it, please be as precise as possible. Here is a little list of required information:

  • Precise description of the bug

  • Details of your environment (for example: OS, PHP version, installed extensions)

  • Backtrace which might help identifying the bug

Security Issues

If you discover any security related issues, please contact us at instead of submitting an issue on GitHub. This allows us to fix the issue and release a security hotfix without publicly disclosing the vulnerability.

Feature Requests

If you think a feature is missing, please report it or even better: implement it :). If you report it, describe the more precisely what you would like to see implemented and we will discuss what is the best approach for it. If you can do some research before submitting it and link the resources to your description, you’re awesome! It will allow us to more easily understood/implement it.

Sending a Pull Request

If you’re here, you are going to fix a bug or implement a feature and you’re the best! To do it, first fork the repository, clone it and create a new branch with the following commands:

$ git clone
$ git checkout -b feature-or-bug-fix-description

Then install the dependencies through Composer:

$ composer install

Write code and tests. When you are ready, run the tests. (This is usually PHPUnit or PHPSpec)

$ composer test

When you are ready with the code, tested it and documented it, you can commit and push it with the following commands:

$ git commit -m "Feature or bug fix description"
$ git push origin feature-or-bug-fix-description


Please write your commit messages in the imperative and follow the guidelines for clear and concise messages.

Then create a pull request on GitHub.

Please make sure that each individual commit in your pull request is meaningful. If you had to make multiple intermediate commits while developing, please squash them before submitting with the following commands (here, we assume you would like to squash 3 commits in a single one):

$ git rebase -i HEAD~3

If your branch conflicts with the master branch, you will need to rebase and re-push it with the following commands:

$ git remote add upstream
$ git pull --rebase upstream master
$ git push -f origin feature-or-bug-fix-description

Coding Standard

This repository follows the PSR-2 standard and so, if you want to contribute, you must follow these rules.


We are trying to follow semver. When you are making BC breaking changes, please let us know why you think it is important. In this case, your patch can only be included in the next major version.

Contributor Code of Conduct

This project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.


All of our packages are licensed under the MIT license.