CakePHP Adapter (deprecated)

This adapter only implements the PHP-HTTP synchronous interface. This interface has been superseded by PSR-18, which the CakePHP HTTP client implements directly.


To install the CakePHP adapter, which will also install CakePHP itself (if it was not yet included in your project), run:

$ composer require php-http/cakephp-adapter


Begin by creating a CakePHP HTTP client, passing any configuration parameters you like:

use Cake\Http\Client as CakeClient;

$config = [
    // Config params
$cakeClient = new CakeClient($config);

Then create the adapter:

use Http\Adapter\Cake\Client as CakeAdapter;

$adapter = new CakeAdapter($cakeClient);


The client parameter is optional; if you do not supply it (or set it to null) the adapter will create a default CakePHP HTTP client without any options.

Or if you installed the discovery layer:

use Http\Adapter\Cake\Client as CakeAdapter;

$adapter = new CakeAdapter($cakeClient);


The message factory parameter is mandatory if the discovery layer is not installed.

Further reading

  • Use plugins to customize the way HTTP requests are sent and responses processed by following redirects, adding Authentication or Cookie headers and more.

  • Learn how you can decouple your code from any PSR-7 implementation by using the HTTP factories.

  • Read more about promises when using asynchronous requests.