Request URI ManipulationsΒΆ

Request URI manipulations can be done thanks to several plugins:

  • AddHostPlugin: Set host, scheme and port. Depending on configuration, the host is overwritten in every request or only set if not yet defined in the request.
  • AddPathPlugin: Prefix the request path with a path, leaving the host information untouched.
  • BaseUriPlugin: It’s a combination of AddHostPlugin and AddPathPlugin.

Each plugin use the UriInterface to build the base request:

use Http\Discovery\HttpClientDiscovery;
use Http\Discovery\UriFactoryDiscovery;
use Http\Client\Common\PluginClient;
use Http\Client\Common\Plugin\BaseUriPlugin;

$plugin = new BaseUriPlugin(UriFactoryDiscovery::find()->createUri(''), [
    // Always replace the host, even if this one is provided on the sent request. Available for AddHostPlugin.
    'replace' => true,

$pluginClient = new PluginClient(